Monday, April 8, 2013

Qing Ming Woes

Well, it was Qing Ming for Ah Pa's side, and can I just say that it had to be the worst Qing Ming occasion for me, even worse than the time when I had to go pang sai while up at the tombstone there. 

First of all, I woke up early (6.30am) which was unusual for me. Then, when we we're waiting for Beh Leh they all, sky was cloudy so should be a good sign cause it meant it was not going to be hot while we we're up there... right??

NOPE, once we got up to the tombstone, it started to drizzle a lil. Drizzle only ma, so never mind la. Then have to wait for the Apoo the TC (Tombstone Cleaner) to clear out the grass and pineapple plants. When he was almost finished, suddenly the rain poured. Pour and pour. According to Ah Pa, it is because Ah Choong did not come, so Poh Poh feel very sad. Haih.. So needless to say, heavy rainfall until we did not have the usual picnic with Kung Kung Poh Poh. The siu bak skin also lost its crispyness liao. And the paper offerings all wet, so cannot be burnt. Had to wait at the temple below until the rain subsided. 

After the rain stopped, Ah Pa and I went back to the tombstone to try and burn the offerings while Ah Mi and the others went to the next tomb. So about one third of the offerings are not burnt cause they were soaked, so once everything that can be burnt was gone, Ah Pa and I went back down. On the way down, I stepped on a branch and a smaller branch that sticked out from it penetrated my slipper and my foot. So now i know how it feels like to step on a nail.

There were no more incidents at the cemetery, until when we got out of the car for lunch later. One bird so cun cun pooped on my hand when I had my hand out to test for rain. Haiyoh... I look up, the birds are so tiny, so far and yet, my hand kena. Feels like I was holding out my hand for them to poop. Celaka mia birdie!!

Oh, and when I was walking to the coffee shop, suddenly I feel my slipper quite sticky. I looked down and saw a pool of blood there. Why my toe was bleeding, I have no idea. Might be the pineapple plants that were chopped down by Apoo come back for revenge and poked my toe because the would is only a small dot.

So this year... may not be a good year for me. Gotta be more careful during the hantu season! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update after a long time..

Just updating my blog, about what I have been doing throughout this 2nd semester in Uniten. So far so good, except for one subject that I got 17/30 for test 1, which is Circuits 2. There will be a test 2 in the week before Christmas week, so hopefully I can do better during that test. As for the other subjects, I'm doing okay there so no need to worry about it.

As for living, I changed my table location to the middle of the room, facing the window. Initially, it was near the wall, then I would be facing the wall as I do my work. The table also feels kinda cramped up with the wall being there. So I changed it to face the window and between the window and the table would be my bed. Can kinda say that the window, my bed and my table are now in one row. It feels better to have the table in its present location cause the table now is directly under the fan, so more cooling lo.

Recently, a lot of people seems to be getting sick, and I originally had minor sore throat. But as of writing this post, my throat doesn't feel sore anymore. Probably because I've been drinking the essence lime with liquorice that I bought from Malacca, and have been drinking lots of water. I do feel tired easier nowadays though but I think that has something to do with either food intake or water intake. Maybe I'm not eating the right foods and all but so far still manageable. Will resolve to drink more water too, maybe make it a rule that everytime I look at my water bottle, which is a lot of times, I will take a drink. So far, while writing this post, I have looked at my water bottle about 4-5 times. Maybe it will condition me to automatically drink after having this rule. 

So what is coming up next after this for me? Well, I have a test 2 coming up on the 12th of December. Test 1 was 27/30 and the materials covered for this test 2 can say I'm already quite well versed. But I know if I just leave it at that, then Ah Mi sure comment, don't be overconfident ha.. still must study oo, and Ah Pa will also be channeling his opinion through Ah Mi.. hehe.. I can't predict what Ah Jie and Ah Ko will say though, not that psychic yet =P

Also saw Ah Ko's blog about the creating pages thingy. Might wanna try it out some time. So that's all my update for now.

Monday, September 17, 2012

First semester in Uniten finish liao~

Yup. I'm done with my first semester in Uniten, and I feel glad with my studies this semester. Although all my subjects this semester was repeated content, still I feel good about my studies regardless. Say only la repeated content, but most of it while listening and taking notes, seems very vague. So I guess good decision to retake everything and not transfer credit lo hor? Hehehe...

So after this 1st semester in Uniten, I have to say that Uniten is very big. From my hostel to my nearest class takes about 10-15 minutes. It was initially 15-20 minutes but after a while, the i guess the body got used to it and so can walk faster la. The walk to the library though, takes 20-25 minutes. It always bothers me that the library is so far away from everything, the classrooms, the administration building, the colleges. I pity those studying in college of info tech cause their building is like super duper isolated from everything.

Then, talk about the food in Uniten, I wouldn't call it bad, but the main dish there would be fried rice and its variations. Initially was nice la, then after a while, you kinda have no idea what to get already. Seeing as I try to keep myself on a strict budget, the very nice ones are normally about RM6.00+. So those I eat once in a while. There's also economy style rice also, but those are quite pricey. But nothing can top the price of the middle eastern foods there la, approximately RM10. 

As for the syllabus in Uniten, I think those are simpler than McGill, because I remember that in McGill, need to learn about ordinary and partial differential equations but in Uniten, the lecturer told us that partial differential equations are not taught. And I thought it would be in a different semester but when I checked, there isn't one. So in terms of syllabus, Uniten might be a tad easier. 

So right now since just finished the 1st semester, I have 2 weeks of holidays, during which I will be awaiting my final results. In the mean time... I have nothing to do! =D

Monday, June 25, 2012


Just recently Uniten's student council hosted Unitengua, something like a carnival which lasts for 2 days. This carnival gathers all the clubs of the university and lets them host or promote to new students and what not. The first day of the carnival was busier I would say than the second day, simply because during the second day, there were just vendors from outside selling their stuff, not much that concerns the students. The students mostly just come for the performances that the student council invited, local bands. Quite popular la the bands, cause even I know some of them =D. 

As for club registration, I registered in 7 clubs altogether. It seems right at the time of registration but right now I'm regretting a bit because I might be overwhelmed by all the activities. I will see how and then if I'm too tired, then I most probably will quit a one or two. But for now, I just plan to go to all the activities and see whether it interests me or not. 

Also, during the event, I was part of the flash mob team. Heh, didn't know I could dance huh? =P
Nice to see that after training for about a month, our efforts paid off. The first time we performed, there were technical difficulties with the sound, but everybody just kept calm. That probably kept me calm also, didn't go into panic mode and wonder what to do after that. But the problem is just a small problem then we continued like professionals. Hehehe... professional summore. Then during night time, we performed again. Got glowsticks to wear, but too bad, mine spoilt liao. =(

Photos and videos, if possible, I will try to get, but chances are when I get it, it will be posted all over liao. Also, I dun have camera (hint hint.. hehe) to take pics. So.. no awesome pics from me for now lo. Ok la, that's all for now. Bye! =D

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Orientation in Uniten

Well, I have entered Uniten liao. 1st week there was the orientation week. Don't know why they need to have it for a week though. 1 week of orientation seems too long, especially when you have to gather at 6 every morning, which means waking up at 5 or 5.30 am!

So day one, registration was in the morning. Then at about 2.00pm, we were told to gather at a parking lot near the hostel area, wearing formal clothes, i.e. shirt, tie and slacks with leather shoes. So, we ma gather lo, cause we dunno what we will be doing next. We thought that we might just be gathering shortly then can go to another place. That's the idea I guess, but we were there for almost half an hour! And not only that, while waiting, they told us to sit, on the burning tar road. So many people complaining at that time already because of the hot sun, and while we were sitting there, you can see those facilitators (that's what they are called) were all standing under trees or shades, still looking around and talking. Haiz, this is bad planning already, bad juju for the start of the orientation week. 

After everyone was at the parking lot (hopefully), we walked to the College of Information Technology building, which is about 10 minutes away. Grudgingly, we walked and walked and upon arrival, had to sit on the road, again. -_-!! At that time, I could say that I already have 2 hot crossed buns for doing all that sitting. Luckily for us, they took us into the building (after sitting for another 10 minutes) and let us cool our asses of on the cool floor. Then the sorting began and the foundation people were grouped up and the rest of us degree takers were in a group. There were about 40 of us.

Then during orientation, you know la got taklimat, lots and lots of them, and after the first few, you kinda know which one is super duper important, which one is kinda important, and the rest, is sleep-able. Most of it in my opinion, can sleep through wan, but I stayed awake for the important ones, like the taklimat by the College of Engineering Dean and Head of Departments (HoDs), about SCORUN (I forgot what it stands for). Basically, SCORUN is some kind of point giving system for extra-curricular activities, where you join activites, you're given points, and when you graduate, you'll be given a certificate, with your SCORUN grade, and activities that you joined, achievements, and so on. I'm guessing this is for Uniten to tell the world that hey, our students are pretty darn active. 

Then there was also taklimats from the alumni, safety unit, student ethics. Those are ok I guess, not too bad, a lil boring. But the most fun thing during orientation was the LDKs (Latihan Dalam Kumpulan) where there is a lot of movement, not just sitting on a chair and eventually getting into a real comfy position then dozing off to sleep. This is also the time when you get to know your peers better, find out what they are studying, see which person you'll be stuck with for 4 years of class. So far, I've during orientation, I got to know 5 people that are doing the same course as me. So its not bad. Then we also got to know that those taking EP engineering will be doing the same subjects for about 2 years as us, EE engineering program. So got more people in class that I will know. 

Then of course, if there's orientation, there's definitely food. And its free! One whole week of free food, not bad. And the dishes are quite yummy I have to say. Curry chicken, sambal fish, steam chicken, kunyit fish, fried chicken, everyday lunch and dinner is rice, chicken, fish and vege. Then there's also breakfast and supper. So they really take care of us in that area. 

Hmm.. what else. I guess that's really all during orientation week. Taklimat, LDK and eating. That's all during the orientation. So after this week, will have to find my own food, and study!! Heh.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The weirdest dream... yet

Well, as the title says, its the weirdest dream that I have had so far. It starts out with what seems like a 2v2 Starcraft 2 game, and I was playing it. As my sadistic brain would always do to me, I had to be playing my worst race ever, Zerg. But then again, my brain refuses to lose as well, so therefore, in that dream, it had me crushing my opponents. At that time, I was just going with the flow. After all, it is a win right? Even in a dream. Heh..

Then suddenly, before the game even ended, I find myself in some sort of a military base. Reason I say its a military base is because I was facing some guy in military uniform, and judging by the number of medals, I would say he is one of the higher ups. And for some reason, he was talking to me. Apparently I understood as well, because he seems pleased I guess when talking to me. So I guess I'm in the army then.. what country, don't ask, cause I myself have no idea. 

After that, everything started to warp, and I find myself beside Harry Potter and a girl that I don't know, and we were all running. Running from what you may ask, well, I seriously have no idea, because when I looked behind, it was a big cloud of smoke, but it wasn't black in colour. It was instead a bright orange colour, like the colour of flames, and it was rushing towards us. So naturally, we ran like hell from that big cloud of smoke. I still have my common sense with me somehow at that time. So we ran and ran and jumped over a big rock and hid behind in, much in the Mulan 1 avalanche scene. Then, I learned that me and Harry (Wa, call his name like nothing only) were supposed to protect this girl and therefore was sent to the past. Reminds you of Trans.. oh wait, not that one.. the one with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it.. oh ya, Terminator. (Had to Google it =Þ)

So we protected her, she's fine, so we returned to base, and my next mission is to prevent a baby from dying. So anti-climatic right? Well yeah, that's how my brain in the dream compartment works. So once again, I travelled back in time (take that Einstein!) together with another girl as my partner. Strangely enough, her face looks like Tavia Yeung, Hong Kong actress. Fine brain, have it your way. How we managed to save the baby, I have no idea whatsoever because next thing I know, I'm in front of a clinic, and I see that my friend Jeanne is there, as a nurse. And apparently the baby is hers, because I was motioning to her that I have her baby. She looked dumbfounded, which is normal since its freaky as to why I have her baby. I passed her the baby, she cried like hell. Heck, I don't even know how my brain can give me the image of her crying as she never cried in front of me but hey, its a freaky brain, can't say much about it.

Right there and then, I woke up. So there ya go, my weirdest dream yet. Enjoy if you can stomach the absurdness of all this. =D

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


These days I've been sneezing a lot. Probably cause of the dust in my room, maybe due to the weather, I don't know. But it does provide a lot of opportunities to try out new ways to sneeze. Last time, I used to sneeze loudly, as loud as you can imagine, and that would freak everyone out. Sometimes, I would feel a sneeze coming on and would make the gesture to tell my friends to stay back, and they stayed way way back, but in the end, the sneeze never came and all were disappointed. Then after that, my sneeze transformed into a silent one, where my mouth never opens and so the sneeze is forced to go back inside and so all that people on the outside hear is "heek". But I find that way to be too irritating for the throat. So up until now, my sneezes has always been a combination of the first and second sneeze, the sneeze comes out, but my mouth closes, not too tightly and so the sneeze is forced through the lips and the sneeze eventually becomes something like a motorboat. 

Well today, I tried to sneeze with my mouth wide open and the result wasn't that good. I had to sneeze that way because my nose was blocked and the feeling of it coming out of my nose would have rendered my nose useless for the next few minutes, in my opinion anyway. So.. the sneeze came out and everything splattered, luckily, it was only on my hand as I have manners and covered my mouth =D. So I don't think I'll be going to do that again. In the mean time, I have yet to try sneezing with my eyes open, I heard it is impossible to do but I still wanna try it. Who knows, maybe my eyes will pop out? Heh...